Captain Martini and The Key Stoners – “Stock Car” Official Music Video

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Captain Martini and The Key Stoners - "Stock Car" Official Music Video - A BlankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Methuen, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: The band is currently working on new music but will return to the stage July 9th at Geno's in Portland ME. A recent review of our last CD explains the band better than I can. "The new Captain Martini and the Keystoners album "Blizzard of Us" rules. Somewhere the raw spirit of punk rock got lost somewhere between MTV, Hot Topic and people with their greasy bangs grown halfway down their faces wearing Elmer Fudd pants. You are not going to hear clarity, you are not going to listen to it and want to steal it for your own band. What you are going to hear is two middle aged divorced dudes attacking issues of being middle aged divorced dudes with the same spirit, frustration and aggression (though maybe a little less intense as being a parent takes alot out and hangovers now tend to last half a week) that bands like Minor Threat, early Black Flag, Decendents and Angry Samoans dealt with being teens. They don't leave out the ability to bring light to darkness and humility to being a suffering human through the use of humor. If you can't laugh at yourself, then go play metal or country. This is punk rock. Full circle from fucked up kid to caring parent but without the optimism or positivity of a better world or happier life. Think of Decendents with "Suburban Home" but 25 years later, raw with the experience to validate that yes, "normal" is in fact bullshit for many. Other old man issues come up like whether in fact you are too old to fuck that nerdy, cute punk chick selling books or the fact that yes, you need a job but you are going to lose it anyway. This time it effects your ability to provide as opposed to buying a gram of coke in order to fuck some slut. The in your face drill sergeant orders you not to get married in a frantic warning as if there is an active shooter in the record store that no longer sells records.
This is uncut punk rock with 99% passion and just enough skill to express it. Being a two piece the bass sounds like Wendy O Williams wall of TVs all turned up to 10, each on a station struggling to be functionally tuned it. The drums sound like somebody beating the shit out of a - thump-thump-thump dance club beat and making it beg to not shit in its pants. One of the most important things about playing music I heard from my buddy Kip who said "play it like you fucking mean it" and these guys fucking mean it!

Director Name: Jim Phelps

About The Video: Clips from Stock car racing mixed with lyrics

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: Drive Fast Turn Left
Pit Stop
Gas Tires Go!
Drive Fast Turn Left
Turn Right hit wall

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