Rotten – Official Live Studio Set – 2016 – Living Dead Records

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Rotten - Official Live Studio Set - 2016- Living Dead Records - A BlankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Mexico

Artist Biography: Mexican punk rock band since 2004, with 8 DIY albums, sharing stage with bands such as Guttermouth, Left Alone, Union 13, Boom Boom Kid, Flema, etc.

Director Name: Sergio Hernández Castillo
Director Link:
Producer Name: Luigi Endless
Producer Link:

About The Video: Live session recorded on 2016 with a couple of new tracks, a couple of old tracks and a cover.

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Label Name: Living Dead Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: 1. "Everything's a Lie"

Everyday you go to school
Yo try to do your best
They told you that with effort
In your future you'll have succes
You don't sleep well at night
You've been worried about exams
You wake up every morning even
The sun doesn't start to shine

And it's a lie
You're an adult unemployed
With a college degree and
Everything's a lie
You've been worrying about your future
This is not what you have pictured, it's a lie

You studied what you like
Discovering in what you're fine
Developing your skills
You feel the luckiest of all guys
But there's stuff you don't know
This government doesn't care at all
Oportunities are just given to some people in this world

2. "No Gods, No Managers"

Religious fuckers try to take you down
The corporate media try to keep our mind blind
You have a brain to think about your acts
Have self control do it yourself
Stand up for your rights

Wake up
Open your eyes

3. "There's Not Democracy"

Vivimos bajo manipulación
Y el consumismo es nuestra adicción
Y lo sabemos y no podemos
Alejarnos de la frustración
No hay oportunidades
Gente muere de hambre
Y no se hace nada por la solución
Derechos suprimidos unos cuantos son los ricos
La gente condenada a la perdición

There's not democracy

Somos victimas de la traición
No hay progreso no hay solución
Independencia revolución
Grandes mentiras de esta nación
Políticos iguales
Un grupo de patanes
Buscando siempre su bienestar
Elegimos de entre mierda
Y esa mierda nos gobierna
Y se enriquecen hasta reventar

4. "We're Better on Our Own Way"

Fighting against every situation
Trying to get the best of all
Avoideng the problems of my existence
Life is to short to be upset

We're better on our own way
With nothing to regret at all, we're fine
There's nothing to explain
Desissions as reflexion of our lives

Don't give a fuck about your opinion
I'm doing fine without your shit
I know the path I'm walking through
Becoming the person I wanna be

5. "In Between Days" (The Cure)

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