Limbo Variable Clipping Voltage Overdrive by Nunomo LLC (USA Made) Backing Tracks Only

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There are so many Overdrive Pedal in the market. Limbo is one of this, but it has a very unique feature that is variable clipping voltage.

Some other overdrive pedals offer to change clipping device like Si, Germ, FET, Op-amp, asymmetrical or symmetrical clipping, by changing circuit. Since it's circuit change, it has to be switch. (As long as it's analog)

Limbo has totally different approach. Nunomo's unique circuit makes user to be able to change clipping voltage seemlessly. You can set this as low voltage to no clipping (this case signal will be clipped by op-amp's maximum voltage), by turning dial.

There are two dials to control it, one is Positive, another one is Negative. That means you can do symmetrical or asymmetrical clipping as well. Since it's dial not switch, you can do a lot of variation of sound. Typically sound goes more sharp and feels more headroom when clipping voltage is high. Also volume goes up. By turning down clipping voltage, then sound becomes rounding and more middle-focused, and volume goes down. If you set asymmetrical clipping, you can get mix of those sound (Good for Blues sound). It's so versatile pedal.

Besides clipping control knobs, it also has Drive, Tone and Volume knobs like other overdrive pedal. We carefully designed Tone section and drive section to get good feeling sound. In order to get wide of sound pallet, basic sound character is close to transparent, but not too much transparent. Also Limbo is not a super-high-gain distortion pedal, designed for blues to rock.

It uses small chip parts but it's reflew, assembled and case painted & printed all in California, USA.

Nunomo has one week return pocily.

Recording set up:
I am plugged into my Fender Super Reverb 65 Reissue amplifier on the clean channel into a Two-Notes Torpedo Live.

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