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Boris Way – Seduction

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Have you ever been to The Haunted Mansion in Disneyland?? If not, you can look it up on YouTube, honestly it’s not that great… Still, The Bearded Man was there some years ago, and he walked into this attraction by himself. When the room started moving and the exits were blocked, he felt fear! Horror! Panic! At the disco! Soon he found himself on this strange roller coaster thing, and ghoulish creatures started appearing all around him. Suddenly, he saw a woman out of the corner of his eye looking right at him. He knew right then and there that she wanted it bad. Sure, her face kept alternating between being apparently human and a skeleton, but then again, he figured that was no different from most models these days anyways, so he went for it. Later he discovered that her husband apparently was decapitated at some point, but that didn’t stop him one bit. This seduction was happening. And, funnily enough, that’s why he’s been banned from the park ever since.

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