The Best Relaxing Classical Music Ever By Stravinsky – Relaxation Meditation Focus Reading

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00:01 Naissance d' Apollon (The Birth of Apollo)
05:19 Variation de Calliope. Allegretto
06:46 Variation Polymnie. Allegro
08:00 Variation Terpsichore. Allegretto
09:47 Variation d'Apollon. Lento
12:41 Pas de deux. Adagio
16:48 Coda. Vivo
19:39 Apotheose. Largo e tranquillo
22:56 Introduction. Lento
26:37 Danses des Adolescentes (Dance of the Young Girls) Tempo giusto
30:11 Jeu du Rapt (Ritual of Abduction) Presto
31:43 Jeux des Cites Rivales (Ritual of the River Tribes Molto allegro
33:46 Cortege du Sage (Procession of the Sage)
34:28 Adoration de la Terre (Le Sage) (Adoration of the Earth - The Sage) Lento
35:05 Indroduction. Largo
39:26 Cercles Mysterieux des Adolescentes (Mystic Circles of the Young Girls) Andante con moto
42:54 Glorification de L'elue (Glorification of the Chosen One) Vivo
44:38 Danse Sacrale (L'elue) (Sacrificial Dance - The Chosen One)
49:06 The Firebird. Symphony Suite

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