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Kendall Jenner’s Company Sued Over Famous Tupac Photo

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Kendall Jenner's Company Sued Over Famous Tupac Photo

Kendall Jenner's Company Tupac Just Got Her Sued!!!


Kendall Jenner's company is being sued over something that's been dogging her for months now ... the use of some iconic rap legends to hawk her shirts ... and this time it's about Tupac, Biggie and Redman.

Famed photog Al Pereira has filed a new lawsuit against Kendall Jenner, Inc., claiming she had no right to take the image he shot of the 3 rap legends and slap it on a shirt with her face superimposed.

Kendall has been under the fire for the t-shirts. She has already been sued by another photog who took a pic of Tupac, and Biggie's Estate also threatened suit if she didn't back down.

Kendall has taken the shirts offline, but that's clearly not good enough for some of the photogs.

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