WWRS 2018’s Agenda Brings More Cutting Edge Thought Leaders To Share Their Knowledge With You!

WWRS 2018’s Agenda Brings More Cutting Edge Thought Leaders To Share Their Knowledge With You!


The WWRS 2018 Agenda — Stuffed With Smart People

WWRS 2018 is the place to be — MAY 2, 3, and 4!  It’s shaping up fast into what will be our biggest event yet with the greatest opportunities to advance your career!  WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2018 has more great names in management, programming, music and social/digital joining our speakers’ lineup everyday! 

Hundreds of your peers in Radio, Music, Social/Digital from across the US and around the globe will be gathering for the 8th Annual WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT at the W HOTEL/HOLLYWOOD, MAY 2nd, 3rd, 4th for WWRS 2018, presented by ALL ACCESS and A&R WORLDWIDE.  

Early-Bird Registrations are open. Save 15% when you book five or more from the same station/cluster or companyBook discounted rooms at the W HOTEL/HOLLYWOOD here, and save up to 10% when you fly DELTA.  Just use Travel Code NMQQE.

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We’ve already got some excellent thought leaders confirmed! More moderators, panelists and details will be announced, soon


8:00 – 10:30p — Opening Night VIP Networking Mixer at the HARD ROCK CAFÉ/HOLLYWOOD with free drinks, food and live music!


8:00a – 6:00p Registration Is Open!
Free coffee and snacks all day.

8:55a – 9:00a
Welcome Address: JOEL DENVER, Pres./Publisher, ALL ACCESS and SAT BISLA – Pres./Founder, A&R WORLDWIDE 

9:00a – 9:05a

9:05a – 10:30a
OPENING KEYNOTE – “Retargeting Radio For Gen Zs And Millennials! What’s In Your Toolbox?” 
Panelists so far:
TIM CLARKE, Sr. Dir./Digital Audience, COX MEDIA GROUP

While NIELSEN AUDIO RATINGS show that radio still has a lot of youth listening, what can radio do to evolve to include the tastes and preferences of Gen Z and Millennials to continue its leadership role in music discovery and audience impact for advertisers – for our future 25-54 audience?  A team of 2018’s most influential leaders in broadcasting will candidly discuss targeting, appealing to and cultivating Millennial and Gen Z audiences across multiple platforms using digital, social, and mobile to propagate content.  

We’ll also tackle the mining of Real-Time Data, exploring what the ideal GM, PD (Brand Mgr), Sales Mgr. of today and the future look like, aligning your company’s culture for this new generation of broadcasters, and competing with DIY platforms and other media to maintain and drive share of the client’s overall marketing budget to your stations.

10:40a – 11:40a 
“NIELSEN AUDIO — Measuring Gen Z And Millennials And What Makes Them Tick”
The future of radio will be defined by how well it accommodates the lifestyles and entertainment needs of Gen Z and Millennials during the next several years … what can Nielsen bring to the table to partner with radio to meet these needs in terms of ratings currency and data? And, what is radio doing to help itself?

Panelists so far:

11:45a – 11:55a   

BRAD LEASK, Network Imaging Producer, NOVA Entertainment, Melbourne, Australia takes on a new challenger

12noon – 1:00p

Featuring: FRED JACOBS – Pres./& Founder, JACOBS MEDIA 

The largest radio survey of all major formats and the results of their listeners’ habits concerning preferences in broadcast, digital, device and more. What are their likes/turn-offs? What makes them interact with radio on social media? What are the rising and falling platforms? And most importantly, what actions does radio need to take in order to keep a winning edge with listeners in a world full of noise? This, as always, is a must-attend event.

1:00p – 2:15p 

2:30p – 3:20p
THE FUTURE OF EVERYTHING: How Your Radio Station Can Benefit From These Evolving Platforms!

Moderated By: PERRY MICHAEL SIMON – ALL ACCESS N/T/S & Podcasting Editor  

The future of our business is in podcasting.  Unless it’s streaming.  Or maybe it’s video.  You’ll have to subscribe, unless you won’t.  And you’ll get it all on your phone, unless it’s on your “smart speaker,” or in your car.  Wait… what IS the future going to be for the radio and music businesses?  What will we have to do to survive and prosper as the current business models become antiquated?  Our panel of forward-thinkers will help you see into the future, and help you steer your career and your company through the technological developments that are already changing how your audience is consuming content.


A compelling one-on-one conversation with an industry leader, moderated by JOEL DENVER

Mini-Keynote: NUVOODOO

Presented By: NUVOODOO 
President, NUVOODOO and LEIGH JACOBS, EVP/Perceptual Research, NUVOODOO

4:45p – 6:00p 
MUSIC & PROGRAMMING: THE ART & SCIENCE BEHIND THE SOUND – “Music Programming — Consumption Vs Traditional Metrics”

Moderated by: MIKE McVAY, EVP/Programming, CUMULUS MEDIA

, PD KQBT/HOUSTON, Urban Brand Coordinator

Are Radio’s problems self-inflicted? Radio is challenged by many alternatives today – yet it continues to drive massive audience behavior in music tastes, engagement, consumption and purchasing power. How does radio take all of this massive data from consumption of on-demand audio/video versus traditional metrics to continue to be creative, compelling and memorable with short, repetitive playlists, large commercial loads and air-talent that’s been dumbed down?

6:00p – 8:00p

At THE LOFT at the top of W HOTEL/Hollywood
Free food, cocktails, and live music!
(WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2018 badge required to attend)


8:00a – 4:00p Registration Is Open!
Free coffee and snacks all day.

9:00a – 10:00a
RADIO FUTURECAST – “Great Brands Do What Others Simply Won’t Or Cannot Do” 

Moderated By:  LORI LEWIS, CUMULUS and WESTWOOD ONE VP/Social and MERGE author 

Panelists so far: 
, VP/Contemporary Music/Cumulus Media
LESLIE FRAM, SVP/Music Strategy & Talent, CMT 

“There’s no time” is often what’s heard when someone is asked to utilize other platforms like mobile, social media, podcasting, etc…to elevate reach and awareness for our brands. Yet there are other brands that seamlessly find the time.  It’s a new day in marketing and a new day requires a new mind set. Hear from industry leaders on how they’ve retooled their team (and their time) to resonate in the hearts (and the mobile hands) of the fans.

10:15a – 10:45a 
MINI-KEYNOTE: “Getting Radio On Message”

Presented By: DMR Interactive

10:50a – 11:00a
BENZTOWN Iron Imager Award Presentation  

11:00a – 12:05p
PRODUCTION & IMAGING SESSION: “Radio’s Branding Blueprint. The Glue Between Your Programming Elements – Let’s Get Sticky”

Voiceover Panelists so far: 
(voice Of Jack-FM)
RACHEL McGRATH (legendary voiceover artist)
RANDY THOMAS (legendary voiceover artist)

Imaging/Production Panelists so far: 

, Imaging Dir., WQHT/NEW YORK

They’re the most aired elements on your radio station. Every hour. 24/7. The sound that gives a radio station its brand and personality: IMAGING. In the first of its kind two-part panel, we welcome the best of the best in voiceovers and imaging. Why is their simpatico creativity so important to successful radio?  We’ll find out as voiceover and imaging come together to share their blueprint on effective radio branding.

12:10p – 1:00p 
PLAYLIST GENERATION – “Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, Station Apps & More – Curating Playlists For Millennial Consumption” 

Panelists so far:
MICHAEL STEELE, Dir./Playlist Programming & Development, WARNER MUSIC GROUP
MIKE FINK, Sr. Dir./Artist & Label Relations, PANDORA

Streaming platforms are continuing to tap leading radio executives as they build out their programming teams. The concept of curation has not changed, even as generational groups have been inundated with new ways of consuming content. Who best to lead the curation of the new breed of ‘playlist’ than the radio minds that have proven track records on programming content that captures and maintains the attention of its listeners of all ages. This panel, featuring executives from leading global streaming outlets and radio companies, will dig into the evolution of the playlist, the platforms and the consumer.

1:00p– 2:30p

2:45p – 3:45p 
PLAY US YOUR HITS – “The Next Big Playlist Hit” 

Presented By: SoundOut
Moderated By: SAT BISLA – President & Founder, A&R Worldwide 

Panelists so far:

Attendees are geared up with the latest interactive, digital-dial from Strategic Solutions Research, Inc. As an audience member, you’ll use the wireless smart-dial to tell us how you “feel” about the new songs presented. After the audience hears the songs and gives us their emotional responses, we’ll take a look on the big screen, at how the group feels about each song and compare them to the panel’s opinions. We’ll even compare the opinions of Radio people to Label people as well as with research from SoundOut, who will prepare data drawn from their technology for gauging the radio-friendliness of a song. It’s a fun, interactive, and a very visual way to see how in sync your opinions are with our panels.

3:55p – 4:50p 
MUSIC DISCOVERY & BEYOND – “What’s The Alternative And How To Succeed With Audience, Ratings And Revenue?”

Music discovery has become a global positioning statement for terrestrial, satellite, digital and streaming services. Playing and introducing new music was considered a risky proposition several years ago. However, it’s now been proven to be a key tool in attracting new audiences, especially the future of radio consumers – The Millennials. Our panelists share their insight and experience on new music discovery, whilst growing audience, revenue and ratings along the way.

5:00p – 6:00p 
AIR TALENT – “How Do Radio’s Finest Talent Resonate With Their Audience”


Radio talent is the game changer and a defining difference between personalized radio and any of a number of streaming services.  With technology, podcasting, syndication and more, it’s just as easy now to have fans down the block as it is to have them on the other side of the planet. How does one’s show evolve to invite more to the party given the fractured world of easy entertainment in this disposable society? Come hear from some of today’s radio superstars on what they’ve done both in content and how they approach the business of radio to make their shows more accessible to more fans so they all make more money.

6:00p – 8:00p
Free food, cocktails, and live music!
(WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2018 badge required to attend)

Here’s a fast-paced look at the excitement that took place at WWRS 2017! 


Lock In Your Plans To Attend WWRS 2018, Now!

See the growing WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2018 Agenda, here!

Register for WWRS 2018 here!

Reserve a discounted room at the W HOTEL/HOLLYWOOD, here!

Fly DELTA and save up to 10% with Travel Code NMQQE.

Here’s a fast-paced look at the excitement that took place at WWRS 2017! 

We look forward to seeing you at WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2018!

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WRAT/Monmouth-Ocean, NJ To Fill ‘Truck Number 21’ To Benefit Families In Need

WRAT/Monmouth-Ocean, NJ To Fill ‘Truck Number 21’ To Benefit Families In Need


Helping The Community

BEASLEY MEDIA Active Rock WRAT/MONMOUTH-OCEAN, NJ will present the 19th annual Broadcast to benefit the People of NEW JERSEY THANKSGIVING Season Collection Drive. The event will take place on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20th from 6a-midnight, and TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21st from 6a-7p.

This year, the station will attempt to fill the 21st truck in the history of the annual event to benefit those in need in the community. Listeners are encouraged to donate nonperishable items, frozen turkeys and new or gently used clothing, which will be given to the FAMILY RESOURCE ASSOCIATES to supply their thrift stores. In addition, stocking stuffer items, including warm socks, washcloths, deodorant, playing cards, crayons, etc.) will be donated to HOLIDAY EXPRESS.  

“It takes a village to make a difference and that’s what we’re trying to do here,” said WRAT Marketing Director DOUG SJONVALL. “We encourage the people in our little village of MONMOUTH and OCEAN COUNTIES to help make a difference and support the event in the form of donations to help the needy in our community.”

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Entercom Names Format Captains

Entercom Names Format Captains


Captains Named

ENTERCOM has named its new Format Captains for all formats in the merged company. The list is as follows:

  • MIKE MOORE – Country
  • MARK CHERNOFF – Sports
  • JIMMY GONZALEZ –  Spanish Language
  • BRIAN KELLY – Top 40
  • MICHAEL MARTIN – Alternative
  • NIKKI NITE – Adult Contemporary
  • DAVE RICHARDS – Rock/Classic Rock
  • REGGIE ROUSE – Urban
  • JIM RYAN – Classic Hits
  • STEVE SALHANY – Hot Adult Contemporary

MARTIN will also continue in his role as SVP/Programming and Music Initiatives.

“We are excited about the best-in-class programming team we are building at ENTERCOM,” said Pres./Programming PAT PAXTON. “This talented team of experts has the skills and experience to take our live, original, and local audio content to new heights and compete at the highest level in the media industry.” Added EVP/Programming CHRIS OLIVIERO, who is retaining his title and position from CBS RADIO in the merged company, “We are committed to bringing fresh, new thinking to our programming. We are confident that we have the best people in place to deliver the top-rated content across all of our formats that our listeners and partners expect.”

Format Captains will report to PAXTON and OLIVIERO upon the closing of the merger, which is projected as soon as this FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17th.

Left out of the Captain’s chairs were CBS RADIO VP of News-Talk and KMOX-A/ST. LOUIS PD STEVE MOORE and Country VP and Country WYCD, Classic Hits WOMC, and Top 40 WDZH/DETROIT PD TIM ROBERTS.  

On MOORE, OLIVIERO wrote, “I did want to reach out to the News/Talk group specifically to publicly and properly thank Steve Moore for his many years of stewardship of the CBS RADIO format.  STEVE has been a close and trusted colleague and one I can always count on for guidance and support.  The format has seen many challenges over the years but STEVE tackled each one head on and played to win.  I also know that he will continue to play a key role for years to come in the new ENTERCOM and our spoken word portfolio.  So please join me in extending our gratitude to Steve for his outstanding service.”

On ROBERTS, OLIVIERO added, “I just wanted to follow-up specifically with the country PD group to thank TIM ROBERTS for his outstanding leadership as our Country Vice President at CBS RADIO. As I said when we named TIM to this position there is no one in my mind who understands the audience, the artists and labels of NASHVILLE today quite like TIM.  He has led the group with pride and distinction . . . and I know he will continue to play a key role for years to come in the new ENTERCOM.  So please raise a glass of good cheer (nothing harder than sparkling water though) to TIM this week when you all converge on CHICAGO for Stars and Strings!  My personal appreciation goes out to Mr. ROBERTS.”

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Jacobs Media’s Techsurvey 2018 — The First Reveal Is At Worldwide Radio Summit 2018 — Make Plans To Attend And Learn!

Jacobs Media’s Techsurvey 2018 — The First Reveal Is At Worldwide Radio Summit 2018 — Make Plans To Attend And Learn!


Fred Jacobs Reveals Techsurvey 2018

WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2018, MAY 2, 3, 4 is the place to be for cutting edge information for radio to continue to carve a winning path. Register now! Early Bird Registration ends, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9th!

Once again WWRS 2018 welcomes back the first public reveal of JACOBS MEDIA’s TECHSURVEY 2018, presented by JACOBS MEDIA President FRED JACOBS at noon, on THURSDAY, MAY 3rd at the W HOTEL/HOLLYWOOD.

Stations can sign up now for what will be the largest survey about technology ever conducted for radio.  To participate in TECHSURVEY 2018, click here

JACOBS told ALL ACCESS, “The continued growth of digital platforms, the emotional triggers that make broadcast radio unique across different generations, podcasting and Smart speakers were all areas that provided great guidance to help the industry better understand the shifting media landscape. TECHSURVEY 2018 will be even bigger and better.”

Last year’s survey broke ground once again in the annual series that began in 2005. Overall, 321 radio stations across North America, representing a diverse group of broadcasting companies, contributed more than 51,750 respondents to radio’s largest web survey devoted to media and technology.

Fourteen different formats were represented, helping programmers and managers focus their efforts and resources on what is truly important for their listeners. TECHSURVEY 2018 will provide even more insights as JACOBS MEDIA tracks media usage and tech trends.

Here’s what the Media Usage Survey from TECHSURVEY 2017 looks like:

And, check out this video all about TECHSURVEY 2018:

Sign up for TECHSURVEY 2018, here!

Register For WWRS 2018 Today!

Early-Bird Registrations are open. Save 15% when you book five or more from the same station/cluster or companyBook discounted rooms at the W HOTEL/HOLLYWOOD here, and save up to 10% when you fly DELTA.  Just use Travel Code NMQQE.

We will see you at WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2018!

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Mel B and Stephen Belafonte reach settlement ahead of domestic violence trial

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte reach settlement ahead of domestic violence trial

Mel B and her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte have reached a settlement days before a trial into her domestic violence allegations was due to begin.

The former Spice Girl accused the producer of being violent during their relationship when she filed documents to end their marriage after almost 10 years in March (17) and obtained a restraining order against him.

Their court battle became increasingly messy over the ensuing months and they were due to face off in court on Monday, but both parties appeared in a Los Angeles court on Thursday and revealed they had reached a settlement.

Belafonte’s lawyer Grace Jamra told Judge Mark Juhas, “All the issues before you including the domestic violence restraining order and custody of a minor child have been dissolved.”

Sean Macias, Mel’s lawyer, told the judge: “We all came to an agreement in principle late last night. We are pretty much done in principle.”

Outside the courthouse, her family law mediator Shaun Collinson said, “She stood her ground. Amazing job. We replaced the DV (Domestic Violence Restraining Order) with a private settlement agreement and we’re moving forward.”

Collinson added that the estranged couple were getting close to reaching an agreement over custody of their six-year-old daughter Madison.

Belafonte posted a video on Instagram to celebrate the settlement.

“Today’s a beautiful day, I’m just leaving court, you know what I’ve gotta tell ya, I’m the happiest guy in the world today,” he said. “It’s about family, family has been restored, you know I want to thank my family lawyers because they are a family and helped me mentally and legally.

“I’m just glad the cloud of suspicion of domestic violence is no longer over my head and I, my God, Angel I love you, Madison I love you, Phoenix I love you, Giselle I love you. I love my children.”

The settlement means they can now move forward with their divorce hearings. Belafonte’s lawyers said they are still to resolve disputes over property, shared possessions and his access to Angel, Mel B’s daughter with Eddie Murphy.

The 42-year-old also obtained a restraining order against former nanny Lorraine Gilles, but that is close to being resolved as well, Gilles’ lawyer told the court.

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Taylor Swift references Kanye West feud on Reputation

Taylor Swift references Kanye West feud on Reputation

Taylor Swift seemingly references her feud with rapper Kanye West in a track on her new album Reputation.

The Shake It Off star seemed to make a nod to their feud on the album’s first single Look What You Made Me Do, which was released in August (17), but fans noticed more obvious mentions in This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things after her album was released on Friday.

“It was so nice being friends again, there I was giving you a second chance,” she sings. “But you stabbed me in the back while shaking my hand. And therein lies the issue, friends don’t try to trick you. Get you on the phone and mind-twist you, and so I took an axe to a mended fence.”

Taylor originally fell out with Kanye in 2009 after he interrupted her speech at the MTV Video Music Awards, but they eventually reconciled. It reignited again in 2016 when Kanye released his track Famous, in which he rapped he thought he might “still have sex” with Taylor and added, “I made that b**tch famous”.

Kanye insisted he had received Taylor’s prior approval, something which she denied. Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian then weighed in and shared a video of Kanye on the phone to Taylor, showing that she was aware of the lyrics. After the singer slammed them for painting her as a liar, she stepped out of the spotlight.

Taylor also seemed to touch on Kanye’s falling out with rapper JAY-Z, by singing, “But I’m not the only friend you’ve lost lately, If only you weren’t so shady.”

She also praised her boyfriend Joe Alwyn for not paying attention to the headlines and her mum Andrea for listening to the drama, and concluded, “And here’s to you, ‘Cause forgiveness is a nice thing to do, Haha, I can’t even say it with a straight face.”

Ahead of Reputation’s release, the 27-year-old made her first TV appearance during a commercial break between Scandal on Thursday night. The pre-recorded footage showed her singing ballad New Year’s Day at one of her secret sessions.

Reputation, which has received generally positive reviews from the critics, also features previously released songs …Ready For It?, Call It What You Want and Gorgeous, which features the voice of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s daughter James.

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Keith Urban was unaware of song’s Weinstein inspiration before recording it

Keith Urban was unaware of song’s Weinstein inspiration before recording it

Singer Keith Urban had no idea the writers behind his new track Female had drawn inspiration for the song from the sex scandal surrounding disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

The country singer debuted the tune onstage at Wednesday’s (08Nov17) Country Music Association Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, but when he first recorded it, he was unaware of the real motivation which drove Shane McAnally, Nicolle Galyon, and Ross Copperman to pen the track.

Instead, he just thought Female was a beautiful, empowering piece of music – and that’s how he prefers to view it.

“When I heard the song I knew nothing about its back story, and I don’t think that is needed for the song,” Keith explained to U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America. “The song for me was far more celebratory than anything else, so that’s what really moved me.”

Lyrics from the song include the lines: “When somebody laughs and implies that she asked for it/Just cause she was wearing a skirt/Oh is that how that works?”

Revealing the track’s inspiration at the BMI Country Awards on Tuesday, songwriter Ross explained he and his collaborators came up with the idea for Female after reading about the sexual harassment and assault accusations made against Hollywood producer Weinstein in a New York Times expose last month.

“It’s from the Weinstein announcement,” he said on the red carpet. “We’re in a room and we’re like, ‘What can we do about this?’ And that’s the one thing we can do, is write songs.”

Keith’s actress wife Nicole Kidman also spoke out in support of the alleged victims after the allegations were made public.

“As I’ve stated before publicly, I support and applaud all women and these women who speak out against any abuse and misuse of power – be it domestic violence or sexual harassment in the workforce,” Nicole declared in a statement issued to People.com. “We need to eradicate this behaviour.”

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Charlie Puth has ‘shaken hands’ with Justin Bieber following onstage insult

Charlie Puth has ‘shaken hands’ with Justin Bieber following onstage insult

Singer Charlie Puth is still on good terms with Justin Bieber after insulting the star during a concert last year (16).

The 25-year-old has assured fans there are no hard feelings between himself and Bieber after he hurled an expletive at the Baby singer during a concert in Dallas, Texas amid news reports he was dating the Canadian pop superstar’s ex Selena Gomez. He was performing We Don’t Talk Anymore, the track he recorded with the Latina, at the time

“There might have been a lot of emotion that night, a lot of thoughts going through my head and maybe just, sort of, maybe I shouldn’t have said that,” Puth tells the Bizarre Life podcast. “It’s not really fair to him.”

“But we’ve come across each other since then and he posted that he liked my song, Attention, on his Instagram, so we are good. There’s been a handshake.”

Puth previously took to Twitter to assure Bieber fans his comment was intended as a joke.

“What I said at the concert last night about Justin was meant to be a joke,” he wrote, insisting he considered himself a “massive” Bieber fan. But he later removed the post.

Since the drama, Puth has lost touch with Selena, but he’s still very fond of her and has been keeping up with her recent health troubles and kidney transplant drama.

“I was friends with her,” he says. “I haven’t talked to her recently, I know she just went through that kidney transplant. That must be gruelling. I haven’t talked to her in a really long time but she seems very happy. I just want her to be very, very happy.”

Meanwhile, Selena recently ended her romance with The Weeknd and appears to have reconciled with Justin – the on-off lovers have recently been spending a lot of time together and sources claim they are an item again.

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Meek Mill’s lawyer wants judge removed from case

Meek Mill’s lawyer wants judge removed from case

Meek Mill’s lawyer is planning to formally request a new judge to oversee the rapper’s probation violation appeal after he was handed a two-to-four year sentence.

On Monday (06Nov17), Pennsylvania judge Genece Brinkley ruled Mill, real name Robert Rihmeek Williams, should serve at least two years behind bars for breaking the terms of his probation from a 2008 drug and gun bust after agreeing to plea deals following two arrests earlier this year (17).

Her punishment came as a surprise to Mill and his lawyer, Joe Tacopina, as the prosecutors in the case had recommended he be spared jail.

Mill checked in to prison on Wednesday (08Nov17), but his legal representative has already started working on his client’s appeal and he is now seeking to remove Brinkley from the case altogether, citing a number of accusations of misconduct.

Among the incidents Tacopina will be detailing in his court filing includes the judge’s alleged recommendation that Meek record a cover of Boys II Men’s On Bended Knee and give her a ‘shout out’ – an idea the rapper scoffed at last year (16).

According to Tacopina, Meek’s ex-girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, was a witness to the exchange, which took place in the judge’s chambers after she requested a private chat during a hearing.

The lawyer also alleges Brinkley told Meek to leave his deal at Roc Nation and sign to her friend’s management firm.

“Based on her conduct over the years, we knew there was an issue,” Tacopina told The Fader. “His probation was supposed to end in 2013, and here it is, nearly 2018, and he’s still on probation for technical violations, travel violations – just doing work, which nobody gets violated for. It’s allowed her to extend her control over him for another five years.”

He went on to state he plans to ask court officials to “recuse (Judge Brinkley) from any consideration in this case,” adding, “We will do whatever we need to do to make sure this perversion of justice is corrected.”

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Watch Sam Smith Perform Stripped-Down ‘Too Good at Goodbyes’ on ‘Corden’

Watch Sam Smith Perform Stripped-Down ‘Too Good at Goodbyes’ on ‘Corden’

Sam Smith reimagined the Late Late Show performance space on Thursday for a stripped-down, heavily acoustic version of his single “Too Good at Goodbyes.”

The singer transformed the studio into a late-night lounge, using dimly lit lamps and rugs to accentuate the low-key mood of his hit ballad. The song took on an airier vibe in this setting, as Smith crooned his lovelorn lyrics over piano, acoustic guitar, bass, finger snaps and soulful backing vocals.

“Too Good at Goodbyes” is the lead single from Smith’s recently issued second LP, The Thrill of It All. In an Apple Music interview paired to the track’s release, the R&B-pop star called the song one of the new album’s most personal moments. 

“This song is about me and about a relationship I was in,” Smith said. “This album actually is not all about me. There’s about four songs that are about me, and the rest are about different things and different people in my life and what they’ve gone through.”

The Thrill of It All is expected to open at Number One on this week’s Billboard 200.

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